Host 2023 was a success thanks to the launch of new Mondial and Framec products

The best of this edition of Italy's most important HoReCa tradeshow

Every two years, all the key players in the HoReCa sector prepare to present and introduce themselves on the stage of HOST, the trade show par excellence held in Milan, the capital of innovation, design, and Made In Italy hospitality: and Mondial Framec could not miss out on such opportunity.

Organized on two mirrored yet very different stands, the Mondial and Framec brands brought to the stage a good mix of best-sellers and novelties that intrigued professionals from the sectors covered by the wide range of products offered. 

Mondial presented Masterchef PX 5A and Sous-Chef A, the new Kitchen & Catering offerings in energy class A.

Two complementary products that focus on efficiency: top-of-the-line refrigeration performance combined with energy power that consumes very little because it is in energy class A.

Mini-markets, bars, and local delis will be pleased to know that there are now two new Beverage allies on the market: Acqua Plus and Cuvee Plus.

Available in black or white, Acqua Plus is the new positive vertical beverage display case by Mondial that adds a modern touch to your venue thanks to the revised design of its rounded black smoked glass frame that highlights the products displayed inside.

How many types of wine are there in the world? And why not store them all inside one single/multi-temperature climate-controlled wine cellar that combines design and functionality?

Discover Cuvee Plus, the vertical wine display case by Mondial


Expo NST by Mondial

For ice cream and frozen pastry professionals, on the other hand, Mondial has come up with Expo NST, the negative vertical display case available in stock to meet the needs of bars, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, or mini-markets looking for comfort and convenience in energy class C.

Framec's Made in Monferrato has made its way into the hearts of the most demanding and sought-after HoReCa professionals, who focus on quality and performance beyond expectations.

Presented at Host 2023, Venere WN BS is the new single/multi-temperature climate-controlled wine cellar.

Already famous and highly appreciated by sommeliers all over the world for its efficiency, the design of Venere WN is renewed with one glazed side on the door, which in the new version becomes smoked, a touch that together with the wooden shelves gives elegance to your venue.

Performance remains unchanged, Venere WN BS remains 2-in-1: one type of wine, or several types of wine in the same wine cellar with a simple change of parameters.

Moreover, the wi-fi connection feature makes Venere WN BS an elegant product that guarantees maximum efficiency to the new generation of entrepreneurs.

Everyone knows it, many talk about it and several want it: CARRARA has conquered the market with its unique design and simplicity.

Available in two colors, "DARK" or "CREAM," and in different sizes, CARRARA is the ice cream and slushies cabinet equipped with LED lights and an exclusive design.

Learn more about CARRARA with this 3D video


Dolce Vita NEW


The queen of Italian style, the symbol that elevates Framec's Made In Monferrato style, Dolce Vita NEW: the vintage-style ice cream and slush cabinet that remains etched in the memory of those in the industry, and beyond!

Check out this animated video of Dolce Vita NEW

Lots of novelties and some moments of entertainment were made during Host 2023 thanks to the Mondial-branded table soccer table installed in the booth to engage customers and create a fun moment for everyone, as Diego Caponigro, Sales & Marketing Director of Mondial and Framec says in this video interview.

We would like to thank everyone again for visiting our booth, and for those who missed it, find below the links to watch the videos shot at the show.

Until next time!

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