New arrivals 2020

The aim is to be quickly responsive to market performances thus understanding of the dynamics and foresee the trends. Ambitious goals those of Mondial Framec, whom, bare this in mind, launches its 2020 novelties selection.

Mirabella ice cream scoop display: static meets design

This 2020 major novelty is Mirabella, the scoop ice cream and lolly display line.

Available in two versions,Mirabella H and Mirabella C, Framec’s newborn is the first static display that allows for maximum visibility from all three sides.

Equipped with upper glazed cabinet with heated glass and drop-leaf glass, thanks to its tropicalized engine, Mirabella H performs even under extreme climatic conditions. Mirabella C, on the other hand, has an upper glazed cabinet with low emissivity glasses and drop-leaf glass

Both versions are equipped with an automatic hot gas defrosting system and R290 gas compressors.

Clean and elegant lines designed to make the Mirabella display perfect to be placed in furnishing contexts.

Download the Mirabella H data sheet with accessories

Download the Mirabella C data sheet with accessories


Venere W: elegance has a new look

Venere: the three sides upright glass display coolers/freezers line grows and presents some interesting news.

Venere is Framec’s three-sided upright glass display cooler/freezer line. Such a successful line that we decided to implement it.

The new white version has arrived to join the classic black one, making the line able to meet any kind of furnishing and design needs on the market.

A three-sided glasses display that allows for maximum visibility, ideal for setting up an impressive and creative pastry or ice cream presentation.

As part of the 2020 novelties, we re-designed the Venere W interior by covering it with a mirror finish. This particular feature enhances the products displayed within, turning them into precious jewels thanks to the lighting game that occurs between the walls of the display itself.

Download the Venere W data sheet with accessories

Venere WN: wine cellar all in one

The Venere line doesn't stop there and expands launching the Venere WN: the “2 in 1” climatized cabinet for wines.

Thanks to its technology, Venere WN allows you to store any type of wine, working both in mono and multi-temperature, simply by acting on the electronic thermostat integrated into the fully glazed door.

Furthermore, thanks to the REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM technology, the user can check the diagnostics or change some parameters remotely, simply by downloading the dedicated APP.

Its three wide side-glasses combined with an elegant design, make Framec's novelty not only an excellent ally for storing all kinds of wine but also, to all intents and purposes, a real piece of furniture.

Download the Venere WN data sheet with accessories

Dolce Vita IN: performance and convenience by Framec

The Dolce Vita family grows its offer introducing the built-in scoop ice cream and slushies cabinets, available with eight or ten bins.

Entirely crafted in 304 steel and equipped with an adjustable electronic control unit (from -5°C to 20°C), the Dolce Vita IN  preserves the products’ quality perfectly thanks to the internal ventilation system that keeps the temperature uniform inside the tanks.

So far, the product range has offered versions with four and six bins, but now on, and as part of the 2020 novelties, includes the versions with eight and ten bins too.

Dolce Vita IN  has a complete storage compartment and can store up to 150 kg of ice cream or slushy. Extremely easy to fit into an existing interior decor, Dolce Vita IN represents an essential solution when it comes to furnishing a new ice cream parlour with a limited budget.

Download the Dolce Vita IN data sheet with accessories


Venere BS: a refined display

Launched in exclusive during SIGEP 2020 exhibition, Venere BS combines the three-sided upright glass range with a sophisticated yet clean style, thanks to its grey side panels enriched with glitter details.

This display cabinet is ideal for storing ice cream and pastry products. It can also be used to keep fresh products cool, thanks to its advanced technology that allows it to operate with a wide temperature range: -22°C + 5°C.

The fully-glazed door and the mirror finish interior, make the Venere BS an added value for anyone who wants to renovate their shops with a design product; an elegant and high-performance choice, a combination to which Framec’s products have always been true towards.

Download the Venere BS data sheet with accessories

Posted on: 12 May 2020
Categories: News