Earth Day 2022 – Mondial Framec's Take

For years, Mondial Framec has been following a journey of continuous improvement of its manufacturing processes with a growing will to expand its sustainability activities; not only with a focus on products, by using for example environmentally-friendly gases (R290 - R600a), but also committing to reducing the use of plastic with a spotlight on cutting on energy consumption, with the aim of creating long-term value with a target on the environmental impact extended to all areas of the company.

In order to launch a sustainability-oriented strategy, the company has in fact adopted a series of definite Green Economy practices that employ tools aimed at reducing the impact on the ecosystem.

From a circular economy perspective, exploiting renewable energies such as photovoltaic solar panels to power offices and production sites represents a smart and effective solution that can effectively contribute to reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment.


Well aware that any green practice will be ineffective if not matched by a deep value awareness of the company’s human resources, Mondial Framec has designed a series of environmental education initiatives addressed to all employees.

One of the environmental awareness activities developed by Mondial Framec involves the supply of plastic-free flasks together with the introduction of special water dispensers. In order to discourage the use of plastic bottles at the workplace, the dispensers supply the drink at the preferred temperature only after inserting the eco-flasks provided.

Let's celebrate Earth Day 2022 by sharing these sustainability practices with the hope of promoting a greener business system and with the strong desire to develop and improve, day after day, introducing new initiatives to safeguard our planet.