Food & Wine Excursus Along the Monferrato Hills, Home of Framec

The constant flow of wine tourists and gourmets confirms how the popularity of the smooth hills, marked by man and vines, is actually the result of a growing focus on promoting the area and its agricultural and wine delis.

A World Heritage Site since 2014, Monferrato is an enclave of Piedmont that stretches between Alessandria and Asti in a sequence of poetic landscapes and breathtaking views drawn by hills with fertile soils. Characterised by a dry climate, these landscapes are ideal for perpetuating the cultivation of a wide variety of gastronomic products appreciated and exported worldwide.

Divided between Basso, Alto and Astigiano, our Monferrato boasts a wine production that dominates the entire territory, making wine a symbol of its own culture and tradition.

Monferrato boasts Italian supremacy in the number of DOCG wines: more than 80 per cent of the wine produced in Piedmont has a designation of origin.

Ruby-red in colour and fragrant with the scent of tradition, Barbera is the native grape par excellence and accounts for at least half of Piedmont's entire production. Perfect for pairing elaborate dishes or simple cold cuts, its strength is its drinkability. Other Monferrato DOCG wines include Brachetto, Dolcetto d'Ovada, Nebbiolo, Gavi and Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC alongside the traditional Bonarda, Moscato, Freisa del Monferrato and Barbesino, a sparkling Grignolino and Barbera combination.

To each wine, its storage temperature.

And Framec knows: discover Venere WN, the single and multi-temperature climate-controlled wine cellar that uses its technology to ensure the quality of the stored products, and its design to showcase a selection of Monferrato wines, and more, to be truly envied.

Beyond vineyards: the Piedmont region is the first in Italy for biodiversity and cultivation of native products.

A large amount of fine raw materials available results in a noble food and wine tradition that seduces and surprises: from appetizers to desserts, in Monferrato everybody can taste the territory through the transformation of local raw materials into farm-to-table bites.

If you were in one of Monferrato's many restaurants with a view of the hills that change colour with the seasons, as a Monferrato appetizer you would find a mix of vegetable crudités to be dunked in a pot of Bagna Cauda, the traditional hot sauce made with anchovies, oil and lots of garlic. From there, you would continue with Vitello Tonnato, that is, slices of veal covered in a sauce made with eggs, capers, anchovies and tuna.

If it were autumn, as a first course you would find tagliolini (egg noodles) topped with butter and White Truffle shavings, a product that alone can turn around the economy of the entire Monferrato area. Elsewise, you would enjoy classic agnolotti with roast gravy or Plin - literally "pinch" - in broth: good all year round.

Browse our line of climate-controlled display cases for Monferrato meats, cheeses and cured meats.


To follow, Bollito and Fritto Misto alla Piemontese and to close on a high note, a selection of typical Monferrato desserts including Krumiri, dry cookies to be served with zabaglione cream for an extra touch of yumminess, and a very delicate Hazelnut cake made using only the local variety, the IGP Nocciola Tonda Gentile, considered the best hazelnut variety in Italy and from which classic Baci di Dama are also made.

Discover our Venere, a pastry display case with three glazed sides, designed to take inspiration from the sweet creations of our Monferrato region.


In Monferrato there is something for everyone: visit us to discover the beauty and delicacies of an area that will never cease to amaze us.

Posted on: 27 May 2022
Categories: Insights