Green economy: an entrepreneurial responsibility

Regulations, benefits and trends of a vital business model

While Denmark continues to stand out as a world leader in environmental sustainability, in 2019 only one in eight companies could boast the sustainability certification. Despite this data represents a reason for the rising of concerns from generations of investors and consumers overall, increases the international awareness that sees sustainability as a key player when it comes to industrial development.

European countries remain among the most virtuous in protecting ecosystems and managing water and natural resources, and the data speak for themselves: 66% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for a responsible brand, while 89% of respondents say companies should invest more resources in promoting energy transition.

Adapting the business in favour of a sustainable business model is now a priority for a large percentage of companies that no longer consider environmental and social responsibility as a cost, but rather value it a strategic opportunity.

We at Mondial Framec uphold the same vision: lying on flexible and efficient energy solutions represents an advantage as it allows companies to innovate and improve their reputation to the eyes of a generation of customers who are increasingly attentive to sustainable prerogatives. As an industry, it is our goal and responsibility to demonstrate future generations that they can choose cutting-edge products that respect the environment too. Is this perhaps the most sincere and long-term brand promise ever made?

And if today talking sustainability and quoting data concerning the trends of consumer choices compared to the companies’ performances is not enough, Mondial Framec is proud to share its vision of an eco-sustainable industrial future.

Starting from the company’s efforts and resources invested to adapt to the new European standards and regulations, one among all, the upgrade of commercial refrigeration systems’ energy labels, a change that affects different product categories and will be enforced on March 2021.

This is one of the reforms implemented by the European Union (link to the EU website) aimed to clarify the energy efficiency of products available on the market due to the technological progress of recent years that has increased the availability of A+ or higher value products on the market, thus discrediting the truthfulness of the label applied and causing confusion upon purchase.

So forget all the symbols "+", from 2021 the energy classes will be classified on a scale from A to G, where A will represent the highest energy efficiency with the lowest environmental impact. On the European energy label, moreover, will be applied a QR code that, framed with the smartphone camera, will provide the customer with detailed information about the product’s efficiency.

This code is part of an important digitization process aimed at implementing the transparency of products on the market and facilitate the supervision of the authorities in charge in each country of the European community. A turning point that forces manufacturers to upload on a European database the technical data sheet of each product on the market. The consumer will then have access to a database containing information on energy consumption, the quantity of water used for each washing cycle and noise level of each product.

Always attentive to sustainability, Mondial Framec believes in the difference that can result from a green approach by production and employees themselves.

The materials involved in the production of Mondial Framec’s products are designed to protect the environment without compromising the highest standards on quality and efficiency typical of the brand.

Mondial Framec, which adjusted its business in compliance with the F-Gas 2020 Legislation, has implemented the European Regulation in force to limit the environmental impact of fluorinated gases, confirming itself, on the commercial refrigeration market, as a role-model in the implementation of concrete solutions to reduce global pollution.

This is why our energy-efficient products, Mirabella and Venere above all, have been renewed and converted to R-290 refrigerant gas, a gas considered as excellence among green alternatives: a natural solution with low global warming potential (GWP).

To approach the ambitious goal of achieving a plastic-free business model, Mondial Framec is innovating in the use of sustainable materials that are less invasive for the environment. These choices will soon become iconic and ecological features of the product itself.

Environmental sustainability also includes the energy consumed for production. Entrusting a part of the company's energy load to renewable energies, according to Mondial Framec, is an example of environmental responsibility and innovation that can, and must, set a good example and influence the choices of other local and global businesses towards a more sustainable production.

Posted on: 03 September 2020
Categories: Insights

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