Novelties by Mondial

New logo, new identity and new intriguing products

After introducing in this article (read the blog) the reasons that anticipated the repositioning of Mondial and Framec brands, today we present the new products by Mondial.

First things first, MURALES: the promotional plug-in multi-deck available in different sizes and colours.

Vertical LED lights, inner sides in steel and reduced depth to keep the shelf 35 cm to make MURALES a versatile solution for every location.

Spotlight on the temperature range 0+4°C that allows the user to avoid choosing between a CP meat-fish version or an SL cold cuts-cheese version.

Moreover, to further reduce the impact on maintenance costs, Mondial designed the motor plate with a removable trolley that facilitates each level of maintenance demand.

View Murales datasheet

Meet OASI, MURALE’s perfect match

OASI is the new negative/positive temperature refrigerated island by MONDIAL designed to renew the previous lines.

Available in various models including a manual defrost version without LED, a manual version with one LED, and an automatic hot gas version with 1 LED, OASI’s 90 mm insulation is enhanced by the new automotive-inspired profile which will allow for easy replacement in case of damage.

Its flat glasses without any plastic profile are ideal to boost the visual perception of the products displayed inside: no obstacles!

Equipped with an ergonomic handle to ease the opening operations, OASI is a simple and flexible product that allows, in all its versions, for creating refrigerated compositions or be used in a single version.

View OASI datasheet


From this year, the SUPERSUNNY FAMILY will have a new product to meet the needs of all our customers.

The hinged door version of SUPERSUNNUY HD, in combination with the already existing sliding glasses, will expand the multideck line offer.

The main features of the previous versions remain unchanged, including the wide visibility of its 3 glazed sides, the temperature range 0-10°C and the 48 mm shelves width.

View Supersunny HD datasheet

Posted on: 16 November 2021