New arrivals 2020: Mirabella ice cream displays

The ice cream market is witnessing an increasing seasonality of flavours and preferences, paying more attention to quality, choice and origin of the ingredients.

If we have already talked about the future of ice cream parlours and shops, another important aspect to address is the ice cream itself and the display cases used to present it.

So what is the future of ice cream and its display cases? Fewer flavours, a higher turnover due to the seasonality of the ingredients chosen, and more visibility wanted.

The new Mirabella line by Framec aims to fit into this perspective: being the first static display with the maximum visibility on all its three sides

A unique display capacity that makes the surface brighter and more airy, perfect to meet the market trends!

The clean and elegant design conveys the Mirabella to be perfect to fit in furnishing contexts, being these new or already existing decors.

The collection offers two products, both equipped with automatic rapid defrosting with hot gas and R290 gas compressors.

Moreover, Mirabella H is crafted with an upper glazed cabinet with heated glass and drop-leaf glass. Thanks to a tropicalized engine, it’s also suitable to perform under extreme climatic conditions: 35°C-70% RH.

On the other hand, Mirabella C has an upper glazed cabinet with low emissivity glasses and drop-leaf glass and boasts a reduced impact on energy consumption.

Given the ever-growing focus on the impact of our products on the environment, Mirabella is 95% made of recyclable materials, making it an excellent ambassador of Framec' sustainability!

Posted on: 11 June 2020

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