Mondial and Framec: A New Business Vision

The brands separate to increase the range of commercial opportunities and satisfy all market needs.

HOST 2021 served as an international stage where to officially present Mondial's new look and introduce the market with a new business vision.

Increasing the range of business opportunities

As of January 2022, Mondial Framec will in fact be serving its customers with two brands. This business shift, which has long been studied in detail, was ignited by the desire to meet the needs of a complex, constantly evolving market that moves along the increasingly specific and demanding consumer trends.

Our goal is to enhance the value of the Mondial and Framec brands by assigning each one a specific market segment with dedicated products.

Previewed at HOST 2021, the new Mondial brand stands out for its lively, dynamic and colourful aesthetics: Mondial, the perfect combination of convenience and versatility, will represent a real asset for anyone looking for a complete range of products with immediate stock availability.

The logo's rainbow is formed by the colours of each product category: Blue - Ice & Pastry, Green - Market, Amaranth - Wine, Orange - Beverage, Violet - Kitchen & Catering.

Framec, a smart alternative to the medium-high end products on the market, will continue along the commercial path that in recent years led to establishing itself as a brand increasingly focused on satisfying the needs of those customers seeking design, aesthetics and performance in professional refrigerated products.

Framec's new products will feature an elegant silver embossed logo.

The message is clear: Mondial and Framec, with their two, distinct commercial offers, will serve as unique resource for satisfying all types of professional refrigeration needs!

Did you miss the launch of our new products at HOST 2021?

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Posted on: 09 November 2021