Novità Mondial 2023 – Murales HD

The celebrated breadth of range that distinguishes the Mondial brand makes way for the new 2023 products including Murales HD, the ventilated multideck with hinged doors.

Characterized by top-of-the-line performance and flexibility, the new Murales HD inaugurates this year's Mondial previews by presenting itself as one of the top products in the market line.

With its operating temperatures ranging from 0°C to +4°C, Murales HD is perfect for meeting all our customers' needs.


Notable features include standard vertical LED lights with removable motor plates for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Measuring 64 cm deep and roomy thanks to its 40 mm shelves, Murales HD is ideal for being installed in spacious environments and small neighborhood stores and delis.

Increase sales while saving money: Murales HD is labeled class B in energy-efficiency!

Your new commercial ally is available in various sizes and colors: White, Black, and Silver with 304 stainless steel interiors.

Posted on: 12 July 2023
Categories: News
Tag: Murales