Venere BS, sharp elegance

Framec launches Venere BS, the latest 2020 novelty designed to keep up with the trends of an increasingly dynamic market

Innovative by tradition, Framec has been breathing new life into the commercial refrigeration market for 60 years and today launches the new negative-temperature upright glass door display specifically designed to meet the needs of customers who wish to renovate their venue with a sharp and elegant piece of design without involving in major works.

Extremely versatile, created to provide for the customers’ needs

Venere BS is a vertical display that, thanks to its sharp and refined design, aims to fit into any existing décor. Equipped with the latest technologies available on the market, Venere BS boasts a temperature range that reaches from -22°C to +5°C and it’s ideal for storing and showcasing any type of pastry, ice-cream and fresh product.

Conceived with a mirror stainless steel background and a glass door, Venere BS is a charming yet modern and efficient piece of commercial refrigeration, an added value for your shop with all the performances guaranteed by Framec’s experience on the market.

A refined and performing piece of furniture, an added value for your business crafted by Framec's 70 years experience on the market.

View technical specifications of Venere BS

Posted on: 10 July 2020
Categories: News

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