Different wines, same cellar

Whether you consider yourself an expert or a fickle enthusiast, you ought to know that each type of wine requires a different storage temperature.

To meet the specific requests of an increasingly informed and demanding clientele, Framec presents Venere WN, one of its key novelties launched in 2020.

Venere WN was created to address a solid market demand: to store different types of wine inside an air-conditioned cellar that boasts a modern design able to adapt to different contexts and interior décor styles.

But Framec’s success was achieved focusing on innovation and performances, and so it took one step further beyond meeting the market demand.

With Venere WN you can set the temperature manually inside the wine cellar; switch from Single to Multi-Temperature mode without any hassle.

Change the temperature simply by managing the settings from the touch control panel integrated onto the glass door.

The first 2 in 1 wine cellar on the market!

Imagine wanting to keep sparkling wines, young white wines, structured whites, rosés and reds all in one cellar, but later wanting to insert only a specific type of wine: with Venere WN you can.

This roomy air-conditioned wine cellar can hold a temperature range that shifts from a minimum of +2°C to a maximum of +18°C (+35°F, +64°F)

To set the wine cellar in Multi-Temperature mode, simply fix the lower shelf to +2°C +4°C (+35°F +39°F) for sparkling wines, then keep increasing the temperature according to the other wines’ storage necessities, up until the highest shelf where storing fine red wines up to +18°C (+64°F)

Otherwise, to set the wine cellar to Single Temperature, just choose the temperature from the touch control panel, store the bottles inside the cellar and let Venere WN work its magic.

A sophisticated and refined three-sided glass wine cellar equipped with four removable shelves and a spacious bottom tank, this modern showcase is an eco-friendly solution with low emissions; it’s every sommelier and manager’s dream.

Thanks to its Remote Control System, the wine cellar can be monitored from the user’s smartphone by simply downloading an APP. Check the status, edit the settings and manage the temperatures within, from anywhere.

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Posted on: 03 July 2020
Categories: News

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