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"Pumpkin spice is dead, long live the salted caramel!"
In 2008, you might have come across this article in the Washington Post (taken up again in 2015 by the Huffington Post) which announced the appearance, then relaunched by numerous articles and food channels, of salted caramel.
With the growing popularity of gourmet salts, also began the use of salted caramel as a gourmet artisan ingredient.

Ever since ice cream began its slow but steady path of "clearance" from a simple dessert, attracting the attention of chefs and consumers, its sales dynamics have undergone profound changes.

The huge display counters full of dozens of unlikely flavors have given way to cozy ice cream parlors, with attention to furnishings and details, and to a limited and continuously updated offer. Few flavors, seasonal, cared for and told.

A trend that has grown and has been confirmed definitively this January at Sigep 2020.

From Unilever's announcement to close some Grom ice cream shops, including the historic shop in Turin, to the post Sigep 2020 reflections, the world of Italian ice cream parlor (and beyond) is wondering about the short and long-term future of the sector.

An interesting observation comes from some recent interviews given by Nicola Netti, President of the Italian Gelato Makers Federation, which from Sigep 2020 analyzes the moment of the sector, between sensations, forecasts and consolidated trends.

The climate issue, according to Netti, will have the potential to influence the world of ice cream, as well as increasing attention to transparency regarding the quality of the ingredients, the preparation methods, the nutritional values and the conservation of ice cream.

The trend that seems to emerge for the new retail is the Corner, which will have a presence of few flavors, of the highest quality and with a rapid rotation linked to the seasons and the availability of fresh raw materials, as well as a very strong link with the territory and with the traditions of the place.

You will be able to discover tastes in some regions (or even in some cities) that cannot be found elsewhere, finally completing that path that has seen ice cream clearing itself from food aside and fully entering the local gastronomic traditions.

The same fate will fall to the ice cream makers, who from simple product sellers, will have to transform (or complete an already started transformation) into real artisans and even trusted chefs.

In this perspective of great renewal, the Simplify Your Business concept is inserted: this year's novelty by Mondial Framec aimed at a target of customers who want to create or furnish ice cream shops in franchising, in start-ups, or new stores. All with less than € 14,000.

An offer never seen on the market!

Diego Caponigro, Mondial Framec Sales Manager and Product Specialist, talks about our unique offer "Simplify Your Business", presented this year at Sigep Rimini 2020.

Posted on: 03 February 2020

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