Everything is unchanged, the Dolce Vita goes on - Federico Fellini

Summer 1959.

In a booming Italy, a soundtrack full of hope and expectation echoes.

A soundtrack full of the notes of "Nel blu dipinto di blu" and "Azzurro", an Italy that shortly afterwards would have seen the birth of the famous masterpiece "La Dolce Vita", thanks to Maestro Fellini.

The Vespa raged on the waterfront of each city of the "stivale", Italian fashion made of pastel colors and bold patterns began to make itself known in the world, and ice cream embodied that desire for light-heartedness combined with a touch of sweetness.

The legendary Fiat 500, born just two years earlier, had put an entire country on wheels and transported it to a dream of Roman Holidays and distant beaches.

After 60 years Mondial Framec wants to remember that period made of mythical icons and songs, such as those of Modugno and Celentano, immortal.

It does so with a restyling of the scoop ice cream display that has made a lot of trend.

The new Dolce Vita is born, with white and blue coloring in full 60's style.

Cream-colored cabinet, blue lid and plinth with chromed details that make it more and more unique.

Discover the Dolce Vita on https://bit.ly/2RLfMPP​

Posted on: 01 June 2019
Categories: Insights