The new Energy Labelling Directive

Mondial Framec and the new Energy Labelling Directive required by the EU to achieve climate neutrality

Effective as of March 1st, 2021, the Energy Labeling Regulation (2019/2018) covers appliances for commercial and domestic use, including the range of commercial refrigeration products by Mondial Framec: the goal is to achieve climate neutrality by keeping only efficient and eco-friendly machines on the market.

The new regulation encourages manufacturers to modernize their refrigerator technologies by designing them in an eco-friendly way.

Introduced in the early '90s, the energy label represented a fundamental tool that helped final consumers understand the energy efficiency of household appliances, allowing them to make a conscious purchasing decision in terms of sustainability and price.

Over the years, due to the development of new energy solutions aimed at optimizing and reducing such consumption, household appliances have improved their performance, scaling the labels’ index up to the A+, A++, A+++ class.

The new energy label goes from A to G: forget the "+" signs.

Until a few months ago, only a few professional refrigeration products were eligible for the new labelling. The new label provides consumers with greater clarity and avoids overcrowding of products in the highest energy index: the new challenge for manufacturers will be to gain access to classes A and B of the new certification, which few products now fall into.

Mondial Framec represents a reference for those who seek energy-efficient products.

It is important to reiterate that, currently, for the commercial and professional refrigeration sector, class C is to be considered as an excellent result in terms of efficiency.

The new Mondial Framec lines: Venere, Mirabella and Stark, are in classes B and C, with a wide range of other products. There are also some lines that are positioned in class A.

A careful fluodynamic design of the refrigerated counters, together with the selection of components such as insulating materials, doors, lights and fans, will allow for the development of new lines aiming at higher classes in order to produce more and more advanced refrigerated solutions.

The new label also features a QR code that provides access to detailed information about the product’s technology: classification letter (A-G), kWh/year, capacity in litres and maximum/minimum temperature ranges.

Moreover, by scanning the QR code, the user could read the product information contained in the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL), a database aimed at facilitating the supervision of conformity and truthfulness of the data provided on each energy label.

Mondial Framec embraces the European challenge of renovating its technologies in order to offer more and more efficient and eco-friendly solutions, consistent with the ongoing industrial trends.

Posted on: 06 May 2021
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