Cuvée, the mono-temperature glass door upright display for wine

Elegance and performance by Mondial

Venere fits perfectly even in historical venues like this in Turin, Italy

Elegance first

Murales is the ideal ventilated multideck for your mini-market

Good for the environment too

Customize your business with Dolce Vita

Homemade ice cream is better with Dolce Vita

Tradeshow in Poland

Carrara steals the show at the fair

Dolce Vita on a food truck? Why not!

The discovery of authentic Italian ice cream goes on the road.

Gransicily customizes its Dolce Vita

Summer's coolest scoop ice cream cabinet

Dolce Vita IN spoils you for choice

Which flavor will you choose? Once at a time, all of them!

With Mirabella, ice-cream tastes better!

Keep the quality of your sweet creations in the best way possible!

Mirabella is ideal for serving ice cream under any circumstance

Indoor or outdoor, you can never predict when the next ice cream craving will hit.

Carrara Dark in a fancy bakery!

Dress up your business with Carrara Dark.

In Turin, Italy, homemade ice cream tastes better

Taste it at Menodiciotto ice cream parlor