New Releases 2024 by Mondial


Ice & Pastry, Market, Wine and Kitchen & Catering: new Mondial releases that meet every market’s needs.

In 2024 Mondial presents a selection of new products that aim to enrich the already very complete range of professional refrigerated equipment for different market segments, each demanding in its own way.

EXPO has a new look to respond to customers who are always attentive to aesthetics and undisputed performance.


EXPO, the low-temperature and high-temperature display case, gets a makeover and sports a new, revamped look in its door (fully glazed) and sheet metal grill with an eye-catching shape.

Not only aesthetic improvements but also energy-efficient performance.

Enjoy a wide choice of EXPO in its static negative, ventilated negative, and ventilated positive versions, two colors W (white) and B (black). EXPO is a low-temperature and normal-temperature display case with more than 300,000 units sold in its history that performs like an absolute protagonist in the professional refrigeration scene.

MURALES SD, the closed, refrigerated wall display with sliding doors, high performance, and flexibility that features 0°C+4°C operating temperatures to meet any service requirement.

Equipped with 40 mm shelves for ample storage and standard vertical LED lights with removable motor plates for easy cleaning and maintenance, MURALES SD boasts a depth of 64 cm, such that it can be used both in settings with ample space and in those where space is lacking.

Focus on energy consumption: MURALES SD is in class B!

The new MURALES SD by Mondial is available in various sizes and colors: White (mod. W), Black (mod. B), or Silver with 304 stainless steel interior (mod.X).

SKA, the open promotional plug-in island chiller with LED lights and low power consumption compared to the common closed versions, is the ideal ally for promotional sales because it excels in visibility and maneuverability.

The new SKA by Mondial is available in three sizes: 1 mt, 1.5 mt, and 2 mt.

A new model for the Beverage by Mondial category: discover ACQUA PLUS.

ACQUA PLUS is the new model by Mondial designed to meet the needs of a clientele focused on the right quality-price ratio and aesthetics.

Equipped with a door with a fully glazed surface and rounded corners, ACQUA PLUS is not just a display case, but a complete piece of furniture.

The ACQUA PLUS line consists of the W (white) and B (black) versions, with a digital thermometer and two LED lights (1 vertical + 1 horizontal).

Mondial novelties include one also for the Wine category: meet CUVÉE PLUS

CUVÉE PLUS is the evolution of the Cuvée model created to seduce customers attentive to aesthetics, performance, and investment.

With a design whose aesthetics have been especially redefined, featuring a fully glazed door with rounded corners, two LED lights (1 vertical + 1 horizontal), and a digital thermometer-thermostat integrated inside the compartment that controls every function, CUVÉE PLUS has all it needs to become a new icon in the Wine world.

CUVÉE PLUS can be set to function in MONO TEMPERATURE & MULTI TEM PERATURE by simply acting on the fan ON button (with fan OFF, the wine cellar will work in multiple temperatures, with fan ON in mono temperature). CUVÉE PLUS's shelves, on the other hand, are made of wood for an added touch of value and sophistication.

For the KITCHEN & CATERING category, Mondial presents the new MASTERCHEF 5.

Created to meet the professional demands of performance and energy-conscious customers, MASTERCHEF 5 is a tropicalized cabinet designed to withstand the highest temperatures. Its PX version is in CLASS A, while the NX version is in CLASS B.

What makes MASTERCHEF 5 a very high-end cabinet? Always with a focus on investment, its features include 80 mm insulation, LED light as standard, VARIABLE RPM COMPRESSOR for maximum efficiency, and a 304 steel molded inner tank.

The standard MASTERCHEF versions with the 1400-liter PX and NX models complete the Kitchen & Catering by Mondial offer.


Discover the BT and TN refrigerated tables by Mondial, two professional products that complete the range of products intended for Catering.

Equipped with a 100 m riser to maintain better cleanliness and hygiene of the station, SOUS-CHEF is the perfect ally for every professional working in the Kitchen & Catering sector.

Posted on: 06 May 2024
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