Why wine presentation will scale your business

Trust design for its ability to boost a product's perceived value, and go all-in if it's about wine

A very discussed and often misunderstood topic: what is design? Widely accredited as a multiform discipline, it is the art of creating objects whose aim is improving people's lives and work. An impeccable design stands out for its usability, accessibility and visual impact, while a winning design represents a real commercial ally.

Today design impacts so much our daily lives that we find it hard to recognize it: we are so surrounded by it that we do not realize how naturally it has paired with the most authentic flagship of Italian culture and excellence: wine.

Just like wine, design is a leading sector; an all-Italian boast so lauded that enthusiasts from all over the world flow towards the beating heart of Italy's economy and innovation to celebrate it during the acclaimed Design Week in Milan.

Here, the design masterminds meet to create somehow unorthodox projects capable of combining the static art of museums with the liquid art of wine, giving rise to elaborate wine tastings in the courtyards of the "vulgar" cafeterias within the most important Italian museums. A new way of hospitality able to convince even the skeptics that even a discount wine can have the allure of a fine one if served surrounded by works of art.

If the artistic charm of a location can trigger an increase in pleasure, then the conjecture “eating with the eyes” gains credibility and should encourage restaurateurs to invest on interior design to enhance the customers’ tasting experience.

An example that highlights the impact of design on our lives, is the wine purchasing decision based on the label appeal. According to the most recent Nielsen surveys, when it comes to wine, 70% of consumers don’t know what they buy, so they end up choosing merely according to the lable's graphic and the bottle design.

How much does design affect wine sales?

Considering that Italy is the first country in the world for wine production and second for export, producers and sales channels need, more than ever, to understand what are the key factors that affect the purchase. Hence the ever-true considerations that the nexus between wine and design plays a key role in sales performance.

An alluring label boosts the perceived value of the wine and a polished wine cellar seduces into purchasing it

This perceived value multiplies exponentially when producers and restaurateurs choose to highlight their wine selection by focusing on presentation and therefore on their interior design. The bottles arrangement, the lighting, the importance given to the products on display, significantly affects the customer’s behaviour, who will perceive the wine as a fine product.

All these wine-related design examples strengthen in entrepreneurs the idea that bottles presentation, today, is as important as the wine it contains. This is the view that drove Mondial Framec to design Venere WN, a 2-in-1 air-conditioned wine cellar display that allows wines to be stored in mono or multi-temperature setting. Elegant, modern and functional, Venus WN is the design furnishing piece that helps restaurateurs grow their business.


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Posted on: 14 September 2020
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