Best features

  • Up to 700 liter of capacity
  • Easy to brand

Technical features

Temperature-25°C -18°C
Refrigerant gasR600a
Climate class4 (30°C-55%RH)
Sizes (w x d x h)1568 x 751 x 1027 mm
Net weight96.00 kg
Gross weight102.00 kg
Net volume643.00 l
Gross volume700.00 l
Power220.00 W
Consumption3.00 kWh/24h
Packaging sizes (w x d x h)1640 x 780 x 1130 mm
Transport data14/30/30/48
(20 ft - 40 ft - 40 hc - 13,60 mt)
Download the data sheet with accessories (pdf)

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