Mondial 2023 Novelty: Sous-Chef

If it is true that unity is strength, then Sous-Chef is the Mondial 2023 novelty that all Masterchef users have been waiting for.

Expanding the range of products in the Catering line, Mondial presents Sous-Chef, the new refrigerated and freezer table designed to meet the needs of professional kitchens and caterers.


When combined with Masterchef - Mondial's upright freezer cabinet - you can create your own high-performance kitchen brigade.

Sous-Chef features four removable GN 1/1 grids and a 10-cm splashback to ensure impeccable cleanliness and hygiene of the cooking station at all times.

Choosing Sous-Chef means paying attention to details and acting consciously because it is powered by R290 natural refrigerant gas, a true ally of the environment.

Posted on: 13 July 2023
Categories: News